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You can get acquainted with the entire 4Team Product line at www.4team.biz.

4Team for Microsoft Outlook Manage your teams, create and share project workspaces in Microsoft Outlook with or without a Exchange server.

ShareO Groupware, sharing any personal Outlook folders without server.

Schedules4Team Utilize a Microsoft Outlook workgroup calendar and Free/Busy time without a server with special "Grid view".

ShareContacts Share and synchronize Microsoft Outlook Contacts folders without a server.

ShareCalendar Share and synchronize Microsoft Outlook Calendar folders without a server.

4Team Online Service Web-based project management, group calendaring & collaborative solutions. SharePoint Alternative. Web access for your 4Team software.

4Team Online Server Your "in-house" server based on 4Team Online Service.

4Team Server Server-based collaboration among the users of 4Team for Microsoft Outlook.

Fax Tools:

Fax4Outlook Internet and regular fax solutions integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office products.

Send2 Send bulk e-mail to recipients from selected folders, e-mails, contacts, meetings, or tasks in one click.

SendLater Set a schedule for sending your email messages.

FreeBusy Autoresponse to incoming email, based on your Free/Busy (Out of Office) Status.

CannedResponses Canned text, templates, emotions, documents integrated in the Microsoft Outlook email toolbar.

ReplyWith Simplify the process of replying to repetitive email messages using predefined email templates.

TabView Organizer Search and organize e-mails, tasks, contacts, and notes in Microsoft Outlook automatically.

Alphabet4Contacts Alphabet Tabs with Smart filters for your Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder.

ActualContacts Keep your Microsoft Outlook address book up-to-date, easy and secure.

vCard4Outlook allows its users to easily convert (import-export) all their Outlook Contacts information from/to Vcard format.

4Team for Microsoft Outlook All Outlook and Project information in one place.

Personal Folders Dashboard All your Outlook Personal Folders information in one easy-to-navigate window.

Mobile4You E-mail checker - forwarder

DVD Labeler DVD Labeler automatically captures the first frame image out of each DVD chapter and creates scene-indexing labels for your DVD movie.


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